We've teamed up with Ardor Gluten Free!

Bruno Fine Foods is now the exclusive foodservice distributor for Ardor Gluten Free in Melbourne, introducing over 25 new gluten-free products. Chef Vince Lotito's award-winning, gluten-free, and vegan range exemplifies inclusivity and culinary excellence, making this partnership a celebration of accessible, exceptional cuisine.

25 October 2023 | Australia

Here at Bruno Fine Foods, we're thrilled to share some exciting news! We have joined forces with Ardor Gluten Free and are delighted to announce that we’ll be their exclusive foodservice distributor in Melbourne, Australia.


+25 New Gluten Free Products now available

With this collaboration, we're introducing an exquisite range of over 25 gluten-free products, all proudly made right here in Australia. Our commitment to delivering the best in taste and quality has led us to Ardor, a brand that shares our passion for exceptional cuisine.


Meet the Mastermind: Vince Lotito

Behind Ardor Gluten Free stands the culinary genius, Vince Lotito. Vince's journey is one of passion and determination. A seasoned chef with experience in Australia and Italy. He faced an unforeseen challenge when he was diagnosed with coeliac disease.


His response was nothing short of remarkable. Over 17 years since his diagnosis and 8 relentless years of recipe development, Vince achieved the unthinkable: a diverse range of gluten-free products that stand toe-to-toe with their traditional counterparts in flavour and texture.


An Award-Winning Range

Ardor's offerings are very diverse. From pastries, doughs, brownies and the pasta that started it all, they ensure that everyone can find something to satiate their culinary cravings. But it doesn't stop at taste; Vince's recipes are not just gluten-free, they're also vegan, championing inclusivity in every bite.


Ardor: More Than Just Food

Ardor Gluten Free represents more than just food; it symbolises  inclusivity, and the spirit of a chef who believes that good food is for everyone despite their dietary requirements. They've earned unwavering loyalty and praise from their customers, which speaks volumes about the excellence that Ardor delivers.


A New Chapter Begins with Bruno Fine Foods

Bruno Fine Foods is expanding its portfolio of exclusive brands, and we're thrilled to bring our customers an offering like no other. As the exclusive foodservice distributor for Ardor Gluten Free in Australia, we're making these award-winning, gluten-free products available to all of our customer.

This partnership is not just about food; it's a celebration of the relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and the belief that everyone deserves a seat at the table.