Greci was established in 1923 in the Parma countryside, the heart of the Food Valley in Italy. Their passion and enthusiasm for food has enabled them to offer authentic and specialist products to restaurants all over the world.


Greci began as a company specialising in the transformation of tomatoes. In 1973, Greci decided to dedicate their production exclusively to professional catering and launched the Prontofresco tinned vegetable range. These products enable restaurateurs to bring rich and genuine flavours to the table, ranging from appetizers to desserts. Real food, passion for cooking and attention to well-being are the values that have driven Greci to achieve excellence, whilst maintaining fundamental values that have always guided their work: quality, sustainability and tradition. For more than 40 years, Greci has targeted their production to the foodservice sector with a wide range of products drawing inspiration from typical Italian recipes and known for their high quality and taste.