Tomatoes from Puglia. 100% made in Italy. In Puglia, Tomatoes have the fortune in finding the best conditions to grow with all the sun of southern Italy. Farms select the varieties that are best suited to each soil together, using drip irrigation throughout fields, because water is precious. The love for this fruit motivates Rosso Gargano to follow it from sowing to harvest, with great care and with a strong belief of keeping all its properties intact. In their history as growers, deciding to unite their strengths to set up their own processing plant was an important choice, one of those choices that helped lead to real results. It was done to keep the processing times to a minimum and ensured that they can follow the entire process until it reaches your table. And so today, Rosso Gargano’s tomatoes are processed to a minimum and can reach your table as if they have just been picked, with all the flavours of the land.