Andy Allen's New Flavour Adventure: The New Maestro of Delverde & Rosso Gargano!

Andy Allen joins as brand ambassador!

16 May 2024 | Australia

We are excited to share some exciting news with you!

MasterChef Australia icon, Andy Allen, is joining us as our new ambassador for Delverde and Rosso Gargano!

From his beginnings as a passionate home cook to his victorious journey on MasterChef Australia Season 4, Andy Allen has made a name for himself as a renowned chef and beloved TV personality. His story is one of passion and dedication. 

Andy Allen's appreciation for premium ingredients and his love for Italian food reflect the core values that define Delverde and Rosso Gargano. This aligns with our mission to bring the essence of Italian flavours to every table. We believe that great food starts with the finest and most premium ingredients, and Andy's expertise will help us showcase the best of what Italian cuisine has to offer.

At Bruno Fine Foods, we are big fans of Andy Allen ourselves and are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with him. With Andy on board, we aim to create a deeper connection with our community, sharing our passion for premium and quality ingredients.

Over the coming year, we have a lot planned. From exclusive giveaways, recipes and behind the scenes moments.

Join us in celebrating the love for Italian food!