Brunetti Oro Create Delicious Panettone with Molino Dallagiovanna’s Flour!

07 December 2023 | Australia

The Essence of Flour

We are proud to announce a partnership with the Italian Pasticceria, Brunetti Oro, in collaboration with Molino Dallagiovanna. This partnership highlights our dedication sharing Australia's love for premium Italian food and beverage.


At the heart of Brunetti Oro's creations lies a secret ingredient: Molino Dallagiovanna's distinguished Panettone flour. Renowned since 1832 for their mastery in flour-making, Molino Dallagiovanna's flour stands as the soul of this delectable collaboration. Crafted with generations of expertise and a relentless pursuit of quality, this flour brings a finely textured essence and impeccable gluten development to the Panettone, preserving and enhancing its flavours in every bite.



Crafting Joy, One Slice at a Time

This partnership isn't just a collaboration; it's a commitment to excellence. Just as Brunetti Oro has evolved from an authentic Italian Pasticceria in Carlton since 1956 to become one of Melbourne's iconic Italian cafes, Molino Dallagiovanna has been a leading expert in the flour industry, focusing on grain selection, laboratory precision, and stringent grain cleaning.


This fusion of expertise and tradition manifests in an array of delights – from pizzas, piadinas, and focaccias to the beloved Panettone, cakes, and various sweets. Each creation now bears the hallmark of Molino Dallagiovanna's purest flour, elevating the artistry behind every Brunetti Oro delicacy.



Indulge in the Magic

Head over to Brunetti Oro this festive season and relish their house-made Panettone, a testament to tradition, innovation, and the marriage of premium ingredients. 




From all of us at Bruno Fine Foods and Brunetti Oro, here's to a season brimming with joy, laughter, and indulgence in every delightful moment. 

Merry Christmas!