From Melbourne to Sorrento: Preparing for Summer at The Continental Hotel

23 August 2023 | Australia

The Continental Hotel in Sorrento, colloquially known as "the Conti", is more than just a hotel. With its historical significance, the Continental has seen transformations from a popular nightclub spot to a symbol of seaside glamour. Recently renovated under the InterContinental brand with a staggering $120 million budget, the hotel aims to blend its storied past with modern-day opulence, reminiscent of scenes from Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. This refurbished icon, standing tall since 1875, is now prepped to offer the best of Australian hospitality, with a dash of European flair.


A Culinary Journey from Melbourne to Sorrento

Sorrento, where the shimmering coastline kisses Italy's finest flavours. Not long ago, our team from Melbourne, ambassadors of authentic Italian cuisine, graced the iconic Continental Hotel for a gastronomic showcase.



Culinary Masterminds Unite

While Julian Robert-Shaw, the mastermind behind the Continental's culinary masterpieces, brought his 28 years of expertise to the table, it was the guidance of Dylan and Joe Garofalo that truly set the tempo for the day.


A Fusion of Expertise

With Julian's background, including his notable stint as the former Executive Chef at the Melbourne Racing Club, and the Garofalos' deep understanding of Italian & local food product, the collaboration was nothing short of magical.


The Heart of Italian Cuisine 

Our stage? The bistro's fiery woodfire pizza oven and a slick pasta mixer, resonating with Italy's culinary heartbeat.


Pizza Perfection

Here, our Bongusto gluten-free pizza balls harmonised with the milky Latteria Sorrentina Fior di Latte from Naples and the luscious Rosso Gargano peeled tomatoes from Puglia.



Pasta Pleasures

For those with a penchant for pasta, our swift-cooking ravioli from Pasta Zini was a showstopper, boiled & ready in 2 minutes. On the other end, 'La Triplozero 00' pasta flour from Molino Dallagiovanna culminated some handmade pappardelle. For those non-gluten free pizza lovers, we kept things quite simple, a straight mix of Molino Dallagiovanna Green Nobilgrano flour with a 72-hour pre-ferment.



Delightful Appetizers

The gastronomic experience continued with our Olive Ascolane, cheekily stuffed with Ndjua, and the crunchy Porcini Truffle Arancini, each echoing the soulful notes of Italian cuisine.


A Flavourful Summer Ahead

As Sorrento preps for the sun-drenched days of summer, Julian, with the insights from the team Bruno Fine Foods, crafts his seasonal symphony for the upcoming menu. With our assortment of Italian products — from ravioli to creamy buffalo mozzarella — the future looks flavourful and bright.